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The function of this website should be self explanatory but please review the following information to maximise your enjoyment.


Zoom and Pan the map to explore Scotland. From major cities to small hamlets, hundreds of Scottish places are displayed as pins on the map. As well as presenting data about the location you can add you own information to build up a useful knowledge base.

Navigate the Map

Use the zoom and pan map control to navigate the map. You can also drag the map by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse. The places displayed on the map depend on how zoomed into the map you go - at a high altitude you will only see the largest cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow - zoom in further to see more locations.

Each time the map is panned or zoomed new locations in the new map area will be loaded and presented. Hovering on the map point will provide the place name. Click on the marker to get more information about the selected location.

Navigate using the Directory

All Scottish places in the database are also listed under several different classification categories, in the directory. If you know the place you are interested in you can use this navigation method to easily navigate to the page rather than use the map.

Adding Data

This website allows you to add your own information in a variety of different ways. It is hoped that over time a valuable and useful resource will be built up. You can add your own location reviews or guides, images, associated url links and add additional map pins to the map. Please read the guidelines for adding data.

Add Pictures

Taken a good picture recently related to a Scottish location? Share it with the world! For best effect set a category and provide a description.

Add URLs

Is there a useful website related to a particular location? Add a url link. Select the most appropriate category and provide a description.

Add Reviews

Spread the word! Add a review to provide a tourist guide, local reviews, recommendations of things to do and see or present some local trivia or history.

Add Points to the Map

Add new locations to the map.

Adding Data Guidelines

It is hoped that user added information in the form of local pictures, reviews, links and additional map points will form a valuable collection of information and internet resource. To make this a great resource, try and make added data as informative, useful and relevant as possible. If you wish to add data to this website, your efforts and time is greatly appreciated - Many Thanks.

To avoid spam, all added content forms include a double word security check. Just type the two words, separated by a space, into the box. If you have difficulty reading a security word you can get a new word pair by hitting the refresh arrow.

All user submitted data needs approval from the Editor before it will appear on the website. Entries may not be accepted and may be edited. Substandard, unrelated, abusive or very short entries will not be accepted. Please provide as much information as possible and check spelling and accuracy. No registration is required to submit information.

Added Picture, URLs and Reviews are associated to a particular location. Please ensure that the selected location is correct and the most suitable.

Submitted URLs should be relevant and useful. Links to sites with limited content, sites under construction or considered not suitable for any reason will not be accepted.


Map technology is provided by Google Maps and use is made of their API.

  • http://www.google.com
  • http://maps.google.co.uk
  • http://www.google.com/apis/maps/

    Data is stored in a MySQL Database.

  • http://www.mysql.com/

    Perl, Javascript and AJAX are used to provide processing, interactivity and admin back-end functionality.

    Form spam protection proided by re-captcha. (You are helping digitize books!)

  • http://recaptcha.net/

    Best viewed with Firefox Web Browser. IE6/7 Compatible.

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    Information Sources

    Information displayed comes from a variety of different data sources.

    Place descriptions come from Wikipedia

  • http://www.wikipedia.org/

    Population data is from the 2001 Scottish Census

  • http://www.scrol.gov.uk/scrol/common/home.jsp

    Displayed Distances between locations are rough estimates and as-the-crow-flies.

    Additional Map Link provided by Ordanace Survey. Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

  • http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

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